CDC Building - A place of successful meeting

The office building for rent is elegantly and luxuriously designed with a unique architecture combined with lively Western European architecture, with modern equipment, facilities of international standards, bringing maximum benefits for users while ensuring safety standards - Air conditioning system according to building standards, automatic fire protection system with automatic rain-spray induction according to international standards, Fireproof doors and the most modern communication technologies for the leased area, 24/24 professional security and surveillance camera system for the building, cleaning in the common area of the Building.


With the motto of accompanying partners for sustainable development and prosperity, the Group always strives to build the building according to the criterion "CDC - A place to meet successfully". In addition to the standard amenities, tenants of the building also enjoy the full benefits of other auxiliary equipment such as: 2 modern lifts, backup power system, ventilation, alarm / fire fighting, telephone wires and cables, Internet, camera ... along with the green tree system arranged in corridors, public places in the building, are cared for and changed periodically.

High speed elevator

Basement parking

Wall height